Back to the Future

October 21, 2015 marked a day of hype and excitement surrounding the 30th year anniversary of Back the Future.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the trilogy again — this time around with my kids.

Watching this time traveling classic got me thinking…

What if I was told these three truths about Joe (from a very reliable source that had traveled from the future) moments before our first date:

  1. You will get married to this man.
  2. You will start a business together.
  3. He will die at the age of 44, leaving you widowed with two young kids.

What if I was told I could change one thing about my life without interfering with the future?

Would I have canceled the date? Avoided getting involved with him? Ran? Would I have spared myself the devastating years of pain and grief that would most certainly come from these truths…or stay the course?

What if I could slip into a sleek DeLorean time machine and go back 25 years?

Without knowing anything about the relationship to come, I would honestly admit that the young Lori probably would have gracefully exited the situation. Imagining that as my life scenario would have been extremely daunting and depressing. Why would I sign on for something like that if I had the choice to choose another course?

However…knowing what I do now, I would scream at my young self, “Stay the course!”

I would not have understood then the value in traveling this path. I would not have believed that along with the pain and suffering that would encompass me for years I would also receive equally weighted joyous and fulfilling lessons on love and life. If I had gracefully exited, I would have greatly missed out.

While my life has played out very differently than previously plotted out on the white board in my mind — it has been a fabulous life. I learned by leaning into and accepting instead of avoiding and resisting, there were gifts to be had in the process.

Lean in a little. Find the gifts.

Lori LoCicero

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Lori LoCicero is a storyteller with a fresh perspective on surviving and thriving through grief. She founded Life Revised because she believes positive transformation can come from tragedy, and wants to encourage others to see trauma as a catalyst for personal growth.

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