About Life Revised

There is a darkness, a blinding darkness named grief. I’ve lived in it, under it, and through it. Now, I’ve become friends with it. You may be living in it right now. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Joe and Lori on our wedding day.

Life Revised provides an intimate look at my personal thoughts and travels through grief and the many lessons and gifts I found after my husband, Joe, died from pancreatic cancer.

Losing my husband took away everything I had envisioned for my future and completely changed the course of my life. After experiencing months of unimaginable sorrow and emotional exhaustion leading up to and following Joe’s death, I reached a point of surrender. I gave in to allowing myself to feel the intensity of my grief and all the emotions and feelings that came along with it. I leaned into the darkness. I stretched my arms out into it, not knowing where the next step would lead. It felt dangerous. I didn’t know when I would see myself as the woman I recognize, but by following my intuition I always found balancing light.

Pain and loss shatter us and, in so doing, provide opportunity to remake ourselves. Lessons in vulnerability, personal strength, and a renewed appreciation for life can transform us and allow for new possibilities – a Life Revised – to evolve giving us wholeness, balance, peace and hope.

As a writer, I am constantly revising my words by making small changes to improve the work as a whole. As a widow, I realized that life, too, could be improved with revisions. Taking small steps into the unknown, going along with the ebb and flow of grief, remembering to be kind to myself and shifting my perspectives on life and death all led and continue to lead me to powerful transformation.

Thanks for visiting Life Revised. I hope the information and resources bring you comfort in dealing with your loss and ultimately motivate and inspire you to a full and happy life.


About Lori LoCicero

With vulnerability and selfless authenticity, Lori LoCicero, Founder and CEO of Life Revised, writes and speaks on post-traumatic growth as well as those subjects many people consider terrifying and unapproachable: Death, dying, grieving and widowhood.

Paradoxically described as the “Fantastic Widow,” Lori shares her personal stories of a love lost and a life revised in hopes of changing the negative pervading perception that “nothing positive could ever come of something like this.”

Her personal experience has lead to her wholehearted conviction that suffering caused by tragedy can lead to Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). Her goal is to shed light on this emerging field of psychology that explores the positive outcomes that often result after experiencing trauma including increased inner strength, new possibilities, closer and deeper relationships, enhanced appreciation for life and strengthened spirituality.

Lori is a Los Angeles based writer and director whose scope of experience spans from television pilots to cookbooks, from celebrated short films to published self-help books, including Mind Savvy: The Art of Clear Thinking for Business Success,” (rated an Amazon #1 Hot New Release). She has collaborated on productions for Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and the Food Network.

Lori considers herself fortunate to give her talents and time to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Tower Cancer Research Foundation, Cancer Schmancer, Cedars-Sinai, Lupus LA, UCLA Center for Duchenne, UCLA Anderson, The Arthritis Foundation, A Place Called Home and Inner City Arts, among other wonderful organizations.

Currently, Lori is working on a memoir, an inside look at her excruciatingly marvelous journey through her own grieving process and how it transformed her into the woman she is today.

A proud UCLA graduate, Lori is the appreciative mother of two creative children, who have grown strong alongside Lori after losing their father, and continue to thrive and flourish in his honor.